the book

Pace Yourself┬áis all about taking control so that we can fulfil our potential and, in the process, live happier, healthier lives”

Prof Russell Foster
The book cover of Pace Yourself: How to have energy in an exhausting world. It has an abstract design with gradient colours. The main colours are yellow, pink and orange, giving the cover a soft, warm feel.

In these times of unprecedented stress, burnout, mental exhaustion, depression and fatigue Pace Yourself offers a powerful lifeline in the form of pacing, a simple, science-based tool, to help restore joy, energy and balance in our lives.

Written by Amy Arthur, an award-winning writer and science journalist, Arthur shares not just the science of pacing and how it works, but also shows how to use pacing in our daily lives to thrive, not just survive. She also shares her own pacing journey, explaining how it helped her manage the chronic, energy-limiting condition called ME that she was diagnosed with as a teenager. Unpacking all aspects of personal energy and how we make, spend and save it, Arthur will help readers go from tired-all-the-time to focused and energised by prioritising what matters and adopting energy-building habits and lifestyle hacks – all with the help of pacing.