understand your body,
set your own pace,
find your own energy in this exhausting world

“All about taking control so that we can fulfil our potential and, in the process, live happier, healthier lives”
Prof Russell Foster

“Ideal for anyone struggling with fatigue”
Claudia Hammond

The book cover of Pace Yourself: How to have energy in an exhausting world. It has an abstract design with gradient colours. The main colours are yellow, pink and orange, giving the cover a soft, warm feel.

An image of Amy Arthur. Amy is a white woman with brown hair that has been curled. She wears a black blouse and leans against a white wall.

I am an author, writer and speaker with a focus on health and wellbeing stories that are informed by science

Amy’s journalism has been published in outlets like Popular ScienceBBC Science Focus and LiveScience.

After being diagnosed with ME/CFS as a teenager and on the advice of a doctor, she began using an energy management tool called pacing to help her manage her energy and thrive again.

Pacing meant she could graduate from university, live independently, socialise and excel at work. In an era when so many struggle to find balance and flourish, Amy is passionate about making this simple tool, which has helped her so much, accessible to everyone.